Making Money with your Travel videos

Making money with your Travel videos

There are various ways to make money with your travel videos. As a Canadian Videographer that has lived primarily in Asia since 2013 (7 years) now I have some expertise in this area. I do have to tell  you that in 2020 there is a lot of competition, and a lot of hard work and passion will be required to break through. That being said the knowledge is out there and if you have the gear, passion, and put in the hard work you have a good chance to enjoy a life of time and location freedom following your passion.

stock footage masterclass

License your travel videos

You can license the footage you take through stock agencies like Blackbox, shutterstock, or even license directly. This is the focus of this post.

Become a Youtuber

You can create travel vlogs, build up a following, and eventually monetize on your ad sense revenue. As your following grows you can monetize off of affiliate products and sponsorships.

Freelance Video Production and Editing

If you can do quality video and audio there you can freelance to other people and businesses.

Teach Online Courses

You can teach on platforms like skillshare or udemy or partner with someone who has skill like cooking and co-produce a course on udemy.


Making money with your Travel videos
Making money with your Travel videos

I struggled for years to figure out how to make money with my passion for travel and making videos. I focused a lot of time on the gear and the technique of making videos while spending a lot of money on traveling. After many travel videos on Youtube that earned me very little, a stock footage agency in Singapore contacted me to organize my video collection and sell it over the Internet. I organized my collection and figured out how to get my collection on-line making money for me. Finally I figured it out. Nothing more exciting than seeing sales on the video clips. This popular course is one of my best-selling courses on and now it is available on

Different from other ways to making money with Travel Videos

There are other ways of earning an income with your travel videos like vacation videos and producing videos for businesses while on your travel. Making money with your Travel videos using Stock footage gives you the freedom to shoot what you want on your own schedule. Once your video clips are on-line they can sell an unlimited number of times and you can have the option on selling them on more than one website. It is a form of passive income. You can earn 30-40 $US with a 10 second video HD clip.

I want to share how to you can profit with your passion for Travel & Video

IMG_0564 copy
Use your SLR camera to film high definition footage

If you have a passion for Travel, video, or even photography I want to share how you can make money with your passions and save you the struggle. This is a practical hands-on course that will teach you everything to need to start creating travel videos and making money with them on stock footage agencies.

Complete Process

The course teaches you how to manage media
The course teaches you how to manage media

This covers the entire process of making money from your travel videos. You will learn about gear and how to shoot videos. This course even covers how to edit your stock video clips using Final Cut Pro x. Once you’ve upload your video clips you aren’t finished yet. You still need to upload and keyword your video clips. This course covers this as well.

  1. An Introduction to stock footage
  2. Getting started – First I provide insight into what videos will sell. We cover camera gear, lenses, and accessories you will need.
  3. Filming video – We do a live video shoot and teach you how to film video. We take it a step further and cover special techniques like time-lapse photography, action camera’s, dolly shots, and aerial video.
  4. Manage media – We teach you how to manage your footage and even some video editing in Final Cut Pro X to produce your stock footage clips.
  5. Uploading Media – We provide a complete walk-thru uploading your videos onto the 2 main stock agencies. We take it a step further by showing you how to create CSV files for large uploads.
  6. Getting paid – We give you an overview of the payment process

Learning Objectives

the course cover the entire process
the course cover the entire process
  • Learn how to build an income with your travel videos on stock footage sites
  • Learn about camera gear and accessories
  • Learn about stock footage
  • Learn how to create good travel video
  • Learn how to upload and get your video files on-line efficiently using CSV files
  • Develop familiarity with the top 2 stock footage agencies sites: Pond 5 and Shutterstock
  • How to price your footage and insight into will sell


video lectures in HD
video lessons will teach you.

Lecture 1: What is stock footage and how it works? 01:04

Preview of lecture 1
Lecture 2: Why making money from stock footage is awesome? 01:10
Lecture 3: Where can you sell – Introduction to the stock footage agencies (PDF)
Lecture 4: What sells? insight from my experience and high selling video clips 08:09

Lecture 5: Selecting a camera 02:05
Lecture 6: Lenses 07:59
Lecture 7: Camera essential accessories: action camera (gopro), memory cards, hard drives
Lecture 8: Techniques: The main type of shots (still, pan, tilt, macro) bonus 02:26

Preview of lecture 8
Lecture 9: Out in the field: framing your shot 06:23
Lecture 10: Advanced techniques: Dolly shots and time lapses 09:12
Lecture 11: Bonus: Aerial footage introduction
Lecture 12: Managing your media 01:38
Lecture 13: Creating libraries & events in Final Cut Pro X 02:15

Preview of lesson 13

Lecture 14: Importing video clips into events – Final Cut Pro x 01:51
Lecture 15: Creating your project and creating your first video clip – Final Cut Pro x 03:33
Lecture 16: Shortcuts to improve your efficiency creating video clips 04:45
Lecture 17: Stabilizing video clips and creating sequences – Final Cut Pro X 05:14
Lecture 18: Uploading video clips to Pond 5 02:02
Lecture 19: Cateloguing your collection in a CSV file 04:48
Lecture 20: Cateloguing your collection in a CSV file part 2 02:40
Lecture 21: How to apply your CSV file on Pond 5 05:46
Lecture 22: Uploading to Shutterstock 02:19
Lecture 23: How to apply your CSV file to Shutterstock 04:43
Lecture 24: How will you know you got a sale 02:19
Lecture 25: Summary (PDF)
Lecture 26: Summary 02:03

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 1.23.21 AM
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Making money with your Travel videos
Reviews from students of the course

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If you aren’t happy with the course, just write in within 30 days and I’ll refund your money. In order to improve the course I will ask what you didn’t like. Though you aren’t obligated to answer in order to get a refund.

Do I get free updates?

Yes, I have more content I want to add as the field of stock footage is changing quickly, so everyone who purchases will get free updates for one year.

What format is the course in?

The course are all video screencasts between 2 and 15 minutes long each. I try to break each topic down into bite-sized lessons. You can download all the videos for offline viewing.It is self-paced, so you can move through it as you have time.

What are you selling the course on as well

I originally sold the course on Udemy and now it is available directly on I can offer it at a lower cost as I don’t have to pay and you save. Congratulations on finding the course on this page.




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