How to Build your own App without coding knowledge

How to Build your own App without coding knowledge

How to Build your own App without coding knowledge

In 2020 I’m here to tell you it is possible to build your own App without any coding knowledge. You will need to use an app builder, which is basically an online platform to help you build the app. Once you build the app you will have an App file which you upload to the Google Developer console if you want to publish to Android. Let’s take a step back and look at why would you want to build an app, what is an app builder, and what are the costs.

How to Build your own App without coding knowledge
The Chicvoyage app. Feel free to download it

Why Build an App

I’m a content creator and business owner myself. I have many creative skills, but coding is not one of them. Sure I do understand a bit of html and sql. but you don’t need this at all to build your app. The reason I decided to build an app was to give my business and content more exposure on the App ecosystem as well as a personal challenge for myself.  According to this Canadian site there are over 3.5 Billion Smartphones worldwide in 2020. If you can tap into a niche and find some demand for your app there is potentially a whole new audience waiting for you. I have some friend’s that own an entire business that was built on the foundation of producing apps. I was right there when they started from the beginning in Chiang Mai Thailand. It was completely self funded and now they have a team or 10. After our recent interview I learn they want to expand out of the App eco-system and start producing content on Podcasts and possible Youtube. As a business with digital products I believe it is important to be on multiple platforms.

What is an App Builder

An App Builder will guide you through the App creation process similar to what most website builders will offer. There are many on the market like AppyPie and Good Barber. I decided to go with AppyPie after some research because I read that their platform was simple and cost effective. There are many to choose from and after going through and building and successfully building my own app on the google playstore I can say these app builders are the real deal.

There are pro’s and cons to using an app builder. You won’t be able to as advanced of an app if you did hire an app developer, but you can build a very functional app if you want to showcase your content on a website, podcast, or youtube. If you want to make the next tinder, uber, or uber eats then you could probably do that as well. You would have to pay a bit more as these are premium features. I go into more of the costs for building and maintaining the app using Appypie in the my course, but I can tell you it will be definitely under $100US to setup and build depending on the plan you choose and which ecosystems you decide on. After that you will need to pay a monthly costs to keep your app alive from $30-80US. Costs may vary as they do changes with time.


The Publishing Process

After building your App you will need to create a google developer account and pay a $25 one-time fee for the Google playstore. It is tricky for first-times to navigate this console, but I created some video tutorials to help guide you on the areas you need to spend time one. You can also ask the Appypie team to help you publish it. I like that you can make changes on your own. Some of these changes are reflected instantly in the app, but if you make major changes like an App name change or an icon change you will have to wait.


Building my own App did take more time than I originally planned and it is still early days. I documented the entire process in my course. Even after creating your app you need to build up some social proof like reviews and focus on things like app store optimization and A/B testing for people to find your app in the Google Playstore or Apple IOS store.

The Course: App Building for Non Coders and Beginners

Learn to Build your Own App for your Business using The App Builder AppyPie.

Who is the course for: Business owners or anyone that wants to build an app without technical or coding knowledge

Course Duration: 1hr 43 min


If you want to learn how to develop your own App to be available on the Phone App Ecosystem like the on the Google Playstore, or IOS Apple Store but you’re not an App Developer then this course is for you. First we will look at your motivations for creating and app, your goals, and the pros and cons of using an App Builder.

You will learn how to use an App Builder called Appypie. In the course you will learn how to design your App without code on this platform. We will then learn how to add content to your app whether it is an existing website, podcast, external sites, or Youtube videos.

After this we will introduce you to the publishing process of an App. We will give you a tour of the Google Developer console outside of the App builder platform. We will show you the key areas in the console for uploading and managing your app build.

You will learn how to make variations of your app for different countries as well as conducting A/B testing experiments to find what changes to your App have the most impact on your App downloads.



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