How Adobe Spark Can Help Improve your Graphics Fast for Social Media – Online Course

How Adobe Spark Can Help Elevate your Graphics for Social Media – Online Course

Adobe Spark is an online cloud based program that can help Improve  your graphics for social media. It is like Canva except in my opinion it is better because it has a deeper font and free stock photo library that you can use to have everything you need in one place to get going fast. Adobe Spark also has layouts and templates for the most popular social media platforms like Youtube Channel Art, Instagram posts, Facebook Cover photos, and even Amazon Kindle book covers. The software is a huge helping hand for any business owner, graphic designers, freelancer or entrepreneur that needs to create graphics for their business. It helps you to create these graphics quickly and looking professional. The icing on the cake is the video capability. You can easily create video slideshows on the cloud, which is great for people starting out with video.

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Adobe Spark Online Course
Adobe Spark youtube thumbnail graphic

How can you learn to use Adobe Spark?

I’ve created a 2 hour online course that dives straight into create graphics like a Youtube Thumbnail. You will learn all the essential functions to learn how to get the most out of Adobe Spark. You can use these skills for any of the popular social media platforms and we even show you how to create custom size templates.

Adobe Spark Online Course
Adobe Spark has an easy to use library of templates and layouts

We will also show you how to create your own templates for the future so you can just duplicate a past design to make future posts even fast and consistent. The branding template area allows you to set your logo, color code, typography, and url to brand all future posts at a click of a button. As a freelancer myself I need to manage everything including graphic designs. I walk you through everything including how to get your color code and even activating new fonts from the Adobe Library.

We also go through creating a video slide show in the program allow you get practice with all these features of the software.

Adobe Spark Online Course Comes Bundles with Adobe Rush

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Adobe Spark Online Course Bundle
The Adobe Spark Course is bundled with Adobe Rush

The Adobe Spark Online Course comes with a bonus second course from Adobe Rush. Adobe Rush is also free for Adobe creative cloud users that is a simple but power video editing offline program to create social media graphics. The Adobe Rush comes included with our online course allowing you a path to transition into video editing.



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