Level up your Audio skills in the Online Course Agile Video & Audio H5 launching on July 4th 2017

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What is the Course about:

Agile Video and Audio teaches you about the the gear and skills you need to record professional videos with great sound without a lot bulky gear. With this knowledge you can start producing videos to start your own business through free-lancing, on-line video courses, or enter on-line video business world of stock footage. Technology is constantly improving to the point we don't need to carry bulky camera's, heavy sound equipment, or require a large camera crew.

This course is unique in that you will learn a broad versatile skillset using a variety of modern camera and audio gear to enable you to become a versatile content creator

For example the innovative Zoom H6 and H5 handy field recorders allow you to capture amazing sound or work with professional sound mixers in a studio setup. I also cover lighting and recording with a shotgun microphone.

The skills taught in this course can be used for a videographer or a small business owner to produce high quality video and audio. Your minimal setup will give you location freedom allowing you produce videos for out of town clients.

H5 zoom recorder online course
H5 zoom recorder online course
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