Gimbal-film-making - Learn to Film Smooth and Stable Video

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DJI Ronin S Gimbal Review

Filming with the gimbal from a moving red truck in chiang mai

Learn gimbal video film-making

Learn Gimbal Video  Film-making

Gimbal Video or Gimbal Film-making is a new style of producing video that allows you to get movement in your videos. 

To film this style of video you will need an accessory to stabilize your camera called a gimbal. There are various gimbals to support various camera's.  DJI is a company that makes reliable technology for drones and gimbals.

Their latest gimbal model is the DJI RS2, which incorporates the latest technology such as active track and a color touch screen on the gimbal.

For a larger mirrorless camera with a big lens you can use the DJI Ronin S, which is my current setup. Be sure to check their camera compatibility page to ensure you select the right dji gimbal to support your camera.

Gimbal Videography Course

If you want to learn how to film professional video with your gimbal using a range of different gimbal courses I have produced such as course aim at beginners. 

Learn how to film super smooth video and new creative shots like hyperlapses, and motion lapses with a Gimbal for your smartphone, SLR, or mirrorless camera. Gimbal technology has moved from drones to regular cameras enabling you move around freely without a tripod and film new types of videos for new applications like property video tours, hyperlapses, motion lapses, filming from a car, and more.

Our courses cover a variety of gimbal camera's from DJI Ronin S, DJI Osmo, to DJI osmo mobile.

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Learn to increase your Video Production Value through Gimbal Film-making

This course will cover techniques across a range of DJI gimbals and cameras as well as a complete workflow for editing video shot by these cameras. Will will also include a full-workflow for video editing footage shot on this setup on Adobe Premiere. As a bonus I will share a business model and the workflows to monetize on the unique footage you take. Take your video production to the next level and learn gimbal film-making and more by enrolling the the course

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:

DJI Ronin S

Learn the fundamental techniques with this professional gimbal aimed at large SLR and Mirrorless Camera setups. Applicable to Ronin SC as well.

DJI OSMO and Osmo Mobile

Learn the techniques to use a gimbal with your smartphone or the built-in camera

Learn a Full Workflow

Learn to Edit Footage created from these cameras' in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere

Learn to Monetize your Footage

Learn the Business model and the workflow to monetize the footage shot on these gimbals.

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