Drone Automation: Litchi Phantom Online Course: GHS 10

Learn Flight Automation with Laurence Seberini

I believe drone automation is the future. Once you master the basics of manual flying with the Phantom drones and have reached the full potential of the DJI software it may time to look to a 3rd party app like Litchi for your DJI Phantom drone. Drone automation will allow you pre-plan the flight path from your computer before going out into the field and control the camera gimbal angle while circling around your video target. Pretty sick. I learned these skills from South African Aerial photographer, Laurence Sebereni, a student that took my stock footage course. I took his Udemy course Phantom Film School 1 to ramp up my knowledge about automated flying with the 3rd party litchi app and more. In episode 10 of the Greg Hung show I scheduled a skype call with him while I was in Phuket Thailand.There are several interruptions due to recording from Thailand. My apologies, but this is an interesting episode.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

  • Automated flying using the Litchi 3rd party app
  • Why its a good time to buy and use Phantom 3 drone and not the Phantom 4
  • 360 aerial panorama’s
  • 360 video
  • Virtual Reality
  • Flying drones in South Africa for recreation and commercial purposes
  • Good locations to fly in South Africa
  • The Experience of teaching on-line on Udemy and Teachable



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