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Sign up today to sample some our HD and 4K Footage Free from a broad variety of categories. Our specialty is travel footage, drone aerials, food, landmarks, and nightlife. We also offer different categories of footage from fitness, office, corona virus, marijuana, footage, covid 19, beautiful models around the world and more.

Our footage collection is shot in HD and most of it in 4K resolution in locations like Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, The Philippines', Bali, Singapore, and Western North America (British Columbia Canada, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Seattle).

By signing up you will receive free samples from destinations and various footage sets to use for your video projects as long as you give us credit. If you like our samples and want to access more of the video clips then you can check out our premium footage sets over here.

You may use these samples in your video projects at no cost as long as your share a link to this page and credit "" in your video. Our paid stock footage sets feature full stock footage sets in higher resolution. We are constantly adding footage to our collection using newer technologies like gimbals, better lenses, 4K camera's with high powered footage, and drones.

Free HD video footage

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