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Final Cut Pro X Sharpening effect package

Final Cut Pro X Sharpening effect package
January 9, 2020 ghung

Final Cut Pro X Sharpening effect package

Final Cut Pro X Sharpening Plugin

The Final Cut Pro X Sharpening effect package will allow you to sharpen your footage and offer extra options not found on the factory install. If you use Final Cut Pro X you may be wondering why it is so challenging to find sharpen effects in the video editing software.  I went through the same struggles and out of need I created a package that allows you to sharpen your footage easily. The presets lets you drag and drop a sharpening effect onto your video clip to sharpen it. This is the solution. The Final Cut Pro x sharpening package.
Version 3 of the sharpening package makes it simple to add 3 levels of sharpening to your video clips. New to version 3 is the ability to adjust the sharpening settings in Final Cut Pro x.  The installation is simple and comes with a video tutorial. The package Does not require Motion 5 and allows you to publish the the sharpening affect to your Final Cut Pro X. Once installed it just requires a drag and drop to your video clips.
Includes Zip file

  • Intensity:Sets the radius for the effect
  • Amount: Adjusts the contrast for the sharpening.
  • Mix: Sets the percentage of the original image to be blended with the sharpened image.

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Please watch this video to learn how this package works.


  • 4 folders with subtle, medium, and intense sharpening. One folder for sharpening effect that can be adjusted
  • Video Tutorial
  • Tested with Final Cut Pro X 10.4, Sierra OSX Full 30 day money back guarantee


If you have never installed any 3rd party effects for your Final Cut Pro X you may have problems with the install. If you do please follow this workaround:

1) Download and install the free luster color grade presets from this link
2) Before you install close Final Cut Pro x (FCPX)
2) Run the installer for this software
3) Open FCPX and check the effects browser for the luster grade preset
4) If it is there close FCPX and follow the normal instructions to install the sharpening package
5) Open FCPX and check the effects browser and you should see the sharpening package
I apologize for the inconvenience and will try to get a better solution in the future. However, this is a great set of color grade presets that I use and recommend you add to your FCPX.


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