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Final Cut Pro X Online Course MasterClass

Final Cut Pro X Online Course MasterClass
March 16, 2018 ghung
Final Cut Pro X Masterclass

Introducing our Final Cut Pro X Online course Masterclass filmed on version 10.4 produced in collaboration with Best Selling Instructor Phil Ebiner

The Final Cut Pro X Masterclass is designed to you take you from beginner to Pro in a comprehensive course that covers that basics to advanced topics like editing 360 VR videos and multi-cam 4K footage.

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Best Selling Online Instructor Phil Ebiner

The course was produced in collaboration with Best Selling Instructor Phil Ebiner to produce a course for Udemy available late March 2018. Phil gave me permission to make the course available on my Travel Videographer School earlier than the launch.

The course is taught on Final Cut Pro X on version 10.4 which introduced major upgrades like

  • 360 Video VR editing
  • Improved Color upgrading tools (color curves, color curves)
  • Improved background noise reduction
Final Cut Pro X Online Course Masterclass

FCPX color grading hue saturation curves

This course covers these newer topics with footage produced from current generation camera’s like the Panasonic GH5 and DJI Mavic drones. There are practical exercises like editing your first 360 video in the course and we supply the project files and footage for you to follow along!

I also share actual client project work for an interview and promotional video for you to learn from giving you exposure to advanced editing workflow like multi-camera angle, multi-resolution frame-rate work, and synching video and audio.

I also share a Cebu Phillipines Travel vlog produced for Youtube taking you through the entire workflow from storyboarding, color correction, finding music, and so on.

Why become a pro video editor?

A professional video editor is in high demand and can do paid freelance work for clients like Editing Interviews, On-line courses, and Youtube Videos. Best of all Video editing is location independent work that can be done from anywhere. As camera’s become more advanced shooting higher resolutions and shooting 360 Video the demand for a professional video will increase. The demand for Videos is increasing and Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s professional platform. This is a great course to invest in if you want to become a professional video editor or freelancer.

How to Get the Course

You can get course at a 20% Discount with Lifetime Access by Clicking Here

There are some free preview lessons to give you a taste of the course

If you are interested in more than just video editing with Final Cut Pro X I also offer the Masterclass Travel Videographer bundle. In the Masterclass bundle you pay $25Us for a 1 month trial access to sample the Final Cut Pro X Master PLUS 14 courses from Aerial Videography to our Stock Footage Master

Tips for the Travel Videographer

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