filming in a crowded room

How to film a 2 camera Interview video in a crowded ass room

How to film a 2 camera Interview video in a crowded ass room

You’ve been hired to do a Video, but its filming day. How do you go about this? The room is packed you can barely have enough room to stand by your camera.  Everyone is arriving so quickly. People keep asking you for video tips. A lot of time goes into teaching the technical craft of video, but not the intangibles like scouting, managing payment, recording longer than your camera is designed for, and answering questions from the crowd while you are trying to setup in a full crowd. That is only the first phase. You still have to bring the footage safely back and edit it to the clients satisfaction.  Once you have successfully filmed the shoot do you go out and hang with the crew?  Tempting as it may be my advice is to collect your payment bring the footage safely to your workplace, back it up, and review it. I’ve created a series of videos that will guide you from the preparation of the video shoot to post production where we will be editing this 2 camera angle video in Final Cut Pro X

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