Paris France

Europe in 17 days – Paris, Valencia, Ibiza & Madrid – Guess which is the #1 city for Expats

Europe in 17 days – Paris, Valencia, Ibiza & Madrid – Guess which is the #1 city for Expats



I’ve just completed a 17 day workation in Europe going deep into Spain (Valencia, Madrid, Ibiza), but also visiting famous cities like Paris and London as my long flight destinations to travel between Europe and Canada. Guess which of these cities was the #1 city for expats according to survey by

Paris France

I invested a lot of time, money, and energy during this spring to once again put on my Content Creator hat, but also to research and scout Europe for destinations that you could live as a Digital Nomad or Remote Worker.

I have already upgraded a new guide to Spain based on my 9 days spent in Valencia, Madrid, and Ibiza combined with my time in Barcelona and Grand Canaria last year in Section 17. the popular expat platform has ranked Valencia #1 by Expats.

valencia spain
Valencia, Spain Art & Science Center

valencia spain

Being in Paris and London is always exciting as there are global capitals in Europe. I’ve gained valuable insight into both cities, especially Paris as I also visited last year. Check out my latest videos on London.

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