Triple dip with your Udemy course

Triple Dip your Udemy Course – Earn extra Cash with your courses

Earn extra Cash with your Udemy Online Course – How to triple Dip.

Teaching through online courses are an awesome way to share your knowledge and earn a good income online. If you’re a Videographer you already own the gear and hopefully the skills to create videos. This puts you ahead of online teachers that don’t have experience creating videos. Perhaps you have a specific niche within video that you can teach and you are comfortable talking in front of the camera. Udemy is a great platform to begin teaching because they do a great job of guiding you through the process of creating an online course.

It does take some time and effort to create an online course. However, once you have finished creating it you can leverage it.  Similar to the Stock footage video business model teaching online courses operate using a non-exclusive model. What I mean by this is that you can sell your online course or your stock video clips on difference agencies.  This is how you can triple drip your Udemy course. Duplicate your Udemy course or a variation of it on another platform like skillshare or different teaching platforms and agencies I personally use & recommend on my resource page to save you some time.

How to earn $250 US upfront with your Udemy courses

First you need a published course on Udemy with at least an hour long of content and good reviews. Second I recommend you upload the finished video lessons that make up your course to Dropbox or Google drive. This is a good idea for a number of reasons I outline below. The last thing to do is to share your contact info below and I’ll provide an introduction and guide you through the process. I’ve done this for 6 of my courses. The process went smoothly and I got paid out $250 US per course. I was still allowed to continue selling my courses through Udemy and other platforms, which is great. I totally trust this platform because teachers like Johnny Fd, Rob Cubbon, and Phil Ebiner also have courses with this platform.

Why Back up your online course to the cloud?

First is because it gives you a backup of your course should your hard-drive ever fail. It has happened to me before including my internal Macbook hard-drive so please don’t repeat my mistake. It takes along time to produce a course. Second is it allows you to easily share a link to someone else or a business if you want to share your entire course with them.  Third, there are some platforms like gumroad and teachable that allow you to link your files (including video lesssons from your course) to their platform so you don’t need to re-upload them. By the way teachable is an excellent platform to sell your courses directly and bundle your courses together. It’s what I use for my online video school and Udemy currently doesn’t let you bundle, so you are able to offer something unique.

Earn $250 US per Online Course with my Introduction

Fill in your Contact Info and I’ll provide the Introduction & tips for teaching Online

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