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Earn an income selling my online video courses – Affiliate program

Affiliate program (Beta) – Earn an income selling my online video courses

An affiliate program is a great way to earn an income without putting in the time to build a product like an on-line course. if you are a videographer looking to make additional income this is a good model to get started. I’m introducing an affiliate program for the courses on my online video production academy. This is still a new thing to me so expect updates as I learn along the way.

How it works

For students enrolled in my course you qualify to be an affiliate. By selling by course you earn 40% of the net revenue from that course.

For example if you sell my aerial photography online course for $125 minus fees you will receive 40% of the net. This is roughly $43 US.

Affiliates are paid for signups 30 days after the end of the month in which a sale was made. Payouts are handled through PayPal. If I offer a discount to a course I believe you can offer that discount to a friend or someone and will receive 40% of the net after discount.

affiliate program videographer

Who is the ideal person for this affiliate program?

If you are an existing student that is genuinely interested in my online course(s) and get great value out of it you are a good fit. The reason is that you already know the reasons you enjoyed it and got value out of it. If you are enrolled and didn’t get value please let me know so I can make improvements. Anyhow it should be natural to make recommendations if you are an actual student. If you are a videographer/ aerial videographer interested in on-line business and the digital nomad lifestyle I think you will be a natural fit.

Okay I want to get started

Ok if you are enrolled just send me an email and I will set you up! If you are not an enrolled student I will offer a 20% discount to any of my courses by using the coupon code “AFFILIATE“.

Here is the link to the online video school


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