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How to use your drone as an asset for your video business

Use your drone to make money for your video business

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Too often drones like the DJI Phantom drones are seen as toys. Don't let the small cute look fool you though. In the early days of Phantom 1 I admit the technology wasn’t ready to produce professional shots. However, the technology platform for the DJI Phantom 3 and above has advanced to the point you can use your drones as a business tool.

drone video business

Most of the drone owners I know fly just for fun as a hobby. They want to get great shots. As a digital nomad videographer I had more of a business mindset. This was a great video creation tool allowing me to produce amazing hard to get footage in 4k resolution. Of course it is crazy fun to fly as well.

My background in online video courses  allowed me to get sponsored up to $1000 US by a California learning company called Curious.com. I produced one of the first Phantom 3 courses for them aimed at beginners shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After I produced the course I was free to use the drone and my skills for my business in many different ways. Watch the video to learn more.

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