Learn how to Earn an Online Passive income with your Drone

Earn an Online Passive Income using your Aerial Footage

Learn how and how much I've earned from Aerial Footage

It is possible to earn an Online Passive Income with your drone. I know because I've done it. It seems like drones are a mainstream thing these days, but being able to produce sellable aerial stock footage hasn't been available to us for that long. It was only mid 2015 that the technology platform Phantom 3 pro allowed us to safely shoot stable 4k aerial footage. Now we have more options to shoot amazing aerial footage in 2017 like Inspire 2, Phantom 4 pro, and DJI Mavic. I discovered the Stock footage business model that I was using to sell my HD footage from my SLR seriously in 2014. Stock agencies kept telling us that 4k and Aerial footage was is in demand. It was mid 2015 and I started to build up my drone aerial footage collection and start selling it online. What type of drone? How do you get started? How much you realistically make doing this full-time.  How do you learn stock footage if you're a beginner? I've been stock footage almost full-time for over 3 years and selling aerial stock footage for 2 years. I have enough aerial footage sales data to share with you and super valuable information to help you get started. Leave you rcontact information to get more info.

Drone Passive Income


Learn how you can start earning a drone passive income and free invites to my stock footage course

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