Selling my Phantom 3 Pro drone

I’ve made the decision to sell my Phantom 3 Pro drone. Why? I’ve filmed all the locations I want to in Asia and I want to travel lighter this year. If I do buy a drone it would be a DJI Mavic. I purchased this through DJI in fall of 2015. I’m an aerial videographer instructor and I fly conservatively and safely. I started flying with the Phantom 1 in the dark ages.

You’re going to get more than the drone. I’ll give you access to my courses to learn how to fly and monetize your aerial footage. I’ve paid for my Phantom 3 pro multiple times over through the footage, online courses, and freelance client work

Ready to fly package whats included

  •  Phantom 3 Pro Drone
  • Discrete Black and Sling Bag with foam cutouts to carry and travel with
  • Lanyard strap
  • Updated firmware
  • 16gb Micro SD card that support 4k video
  • 2 Batteries
  • Charger
  • 2 DJI ND Filters (ND 4 and ND 8)
  • Propellers and brand new unused ones
  • Access to my aerial photography and video course ($100 US) value
  • 40 min free lesson if we’re in the same location


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What your will get:

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