drone fair

Western Canada’s first Drone fair

I was fortunate to be in town for the first Drone Fair in Western Canada. It was held in February 2016 at the BCIT gym. As someone who was living in Asia these past 2 years it was interesting to see some of the other bad ass drones in person up-close. It was also interesting to catch the pulse of the drone industry in Canada. The guys at Heli-pro had some of the larger and complex setups and talk about it in the video. I purchased my DJI ND filters from these guys.

I captured some of the speakers at the event on my field recorder, which I'll post here later if you want to download the entire hour's worth. It was interesting to hear from a privacy Lawyer and Marine biologist talk about their perspectives. This raised my awareness of other applications drones have beyond Aerial photography. There was a lot of local interest signaling that drones are close to becoming mainstream despite heavy regulation. Some university teams competed in some drone challenges. I didn't stay for the grand prix race, but that would have been interesting.

drone fair



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