coworking in canada vs asia

Coworking in Canada Vs Asia – Cafes Vs Workspace Vs Working from home

I’ve had the unique opportunity to work on my laptop from Asia and Vancouver, Canada since 2011. As laptops and technology evolved, working from home while in a corporate job was the liberation that most employees were seeking before 2010 . Working from home as an entrepreneur actually can have diminishing returns as you have problems distinguishing between your work and person space and time. An entrepreneur with a laptop and wifi has the choice and freedom to work anywhere. The question becomes where to work. Cafe’s have become a good natural option as it is fairly low cost to buy a cup of coffee, use the wifi, and hangout with your laptop. Once you’ve done the cafe circuit consistently you realize the drawbacks of doing so. Usually it is crowded and noisy, you may not get a power outlet, the wifi may be slow and so on.

coworking in asia vs canada

Co-working at cowork spaces was a fairly new concept to me. I didn’t discover it until 2015 in Taiwan. I realized I didn’t need to rent my own expensive office and could work with other entrepreneurs. Each co-work space has it’s own unique vibe, perks, and facilities to help your productivity. Since then I become fully location independent and worked out of Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand. I’ve done the same in Bali, Penang, and in Vancouver Canada.

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In this video you’ll find out what the key differences are between co-working in Vancouver. As a video creator I have specific needs. I need fast upload and download speeds for Video, a sound-proofed studio to create tutorials, and a large monitor to connect my laptop to edit. When I think about it a co-work space like Creative Coworkers in Vancouver offers most of what I need as a video creator.

coworking in vancouver vs asia
creative coworkers in Vancouver

Of course there are other factors like the commute to your home, the vibe, and the type of people that work there. I’ve noticed that it’s almost standard for Vancouver co-work spaces to offer full kitchens, bike racks, fancy coffee, and craft beer in the fridge. The monthly plans tend to be more expensive and they are looking for longer term commitments.

In cities like Chiang Mai, Asia you have many cafes, some co-work space/cafe hybrids, and dedicated co-work spaces. You can even pay for your work space by the hour. Spaces like Dojo in Canggu Bali offer many business and social events to give the members and opportunity to learn and meet.

Work where you feel inspired #entrepreneur

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What is the best mix? It’s really up to you. I like to mix it up between co-work space, sometimes libraries, cafe’s, and home. It may depend on the work you need to do that day or what gets you inspired.


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