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Learn how to improve your video & audio production with minimal gear. Learn how to start your online video business to experience time and location freedom

4k aerial video

Improve your Video production with minimal gear and new technology

Technology is lowering the barriers to entry to create amazing Videos. Through my blog and on-line video academy you'll learn and receive tips on producing creative video with drones that film from the air in 4k, professional audio with field recorders,  shooting with action camera's like Gopro's, or how to create corporate HD videos using SLR Camera's

Get inspired to travel and create an Online Video Business

I'll introduce you to the lifestyle and benefits of living in countries like Thailand and Taiwan. I'll teach you business models that will allow you experience time and location freedom using Video to build your own on-line video business.

Meeting Elizabeth in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Free Stock Footage Reports

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You'll receive valuable free offers as a subscriber such as access to free video content. I also regularly release my Stock Footage Report where I help you identify trends from my videos sales. When you sign up you will also receive the Essential Travel Video Gear guide for free.

                 About the Author

Hi I'm Greg Hung. I'm the owner of and and a stock footage and free-lance videographer. I've been deeply into video since 2011. I've travelled the world and lived in countries as a creative digital nomad like Taiwan and Thailand. As someone that is fairly nomadic it was important to strike a balance between high production value and mobility. I've produced professional videos for companies like Roche Pharmaceuticals, Payoneer, and the Marcquerie Financial group. This guide will reveal the gear I use that allows me to travel, but still produce high quality video productions

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