ChicVoyage in Beijing

ChicVoyage in Beijing (Trailer and Official Film for rental or Purchase)

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ChicVoyage in Beijing is a cinematic travel adventure experience filmed in December 2011.

This film is the first in six travel experiences part of the Chicvoyage in Asia films that includes Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan available for purchase here

The documentaries are shot, hosted, and narrated by Greg Hung, who left the IT corporate world in 2011 after discovering the passion of Travel during his MBA program. Originally invited to participate in his best friend’s wedding in Taiwan Greg took the opportunity to extend the trip and see more of Asia.

After a month and a half in Asia he returned to Vancouver determined to produce a collection of 6 entertaining, inspiring, and informative travel adventure films to share Asia with the world

Greg will offer tips and host your experience for the following locations:

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Note: Two sets of numbers that appear at the beginning of each location are Latitude and Longitude coordinates that you can use to pinpoint the locations covered in the show using google maps.

• Forbidden City
• Hutong
• Tienanmen square
• Santalin Road
• Mix Bar
• Huhai Lake
• Great Wall
• Birds nest
• Water Cube
• Art 781
• Centro Lounge
• Da Dong restaurant

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      • Original size picture stills – Included with the film purchase are large picture stills from each city (ie. jpeg 8mb 5184 x 3476) that can be re-sized to suit your preferences.
      • 1 high definition (1080P) film travel show with 12 minutes of content covering Beijing
      • Genre: Travel Adventure Documentary, Travel Guide

Our Mission:
Inspire and inform people to travel and discover the world by visiting every inspirational destination.

Entrepreneur Greg Hung sold his home and left his job in Vancouver BC, Canada to pursue his dream of building a global company ChicVoyage, dedicated to sharing travel experiences Chic style. In 2011 his journey took him to Montreal, Whistler, Turks and Caicos, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guangzhou, Xian, and Taiwan.

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