Chiang Mai 4k aerial

Chiang Mai, Thailand seen in 4k from the air

Presenting my first 4k Aerial video shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve spent the past month producing an on-line course for the Phantom 3 professional drone shot using 4k footage (full 4k 24fps) around the city. This generation of drone has improved so much from the first generation. Being able to monitor the camera from the ground using the my ipad mini 2 allowed me to frame the shots instead of flying blind using Phantom 1 and the Gopro. Shooting this video took some time to scout the city for suitable locations to fly. The area of Nimman that I’m based in is close to an Airport so I had to make use of the DJI’s map feature to figure out the fly zones and find some open areas to fly.

I was amazed at the quality of the footage. The resolution definitely makes a difference and say good bye to the fish eye effect from the Gopro camera’s. I was also impressed with the stability of the footage in the air. I did no stabilization in post. Other improvements include the increased flight time of about 20 minutes, which allowed me to capture a lot more in the air. In the Phantom 1 days with gimbal upgrades my flight time was reduced to 5 minutes!

Also being able to control the recording and gimbal from the remote gives you more flexibility. With the previous setup you would need to set the Gopro on record before the flight and end up with a large 2-3gb video file. With Phantom 3 the 4k videos are still large and you will need more capacity on your computer, memory card, and some patience for your software to render it. The intelligence that you have access to in the app gives you so much peace of mind that you didn’t have before. If you are a photographer or videographer looking to get into aerial footage now is a good time to do so with the Phantom 3 professional. There is a steep learning curve though even if you are a Phantom 1 model pilot. To deal with this pain point I am working on an on-line course aim at first time flyers an an emphasis on safety.

In the course I’ve gone out of my way to cover the safety aspects of flying. I also include flight drills directly from the Dji pilot guide, and provide a specific lesson teaching camera techniques with the Phantom 3.

Do you have thoughts on the Phantom 3 professional?

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