chatggt3 AI video content creators

CHATGPT3 – How AI & Automation will Impact Content Creators

CHATGPT3 – How AI & Automation will Impact Creators

In 2023 ChatGPT3 has taken the world my storm. It was released in November 2022 and had a dataset up to 2021. As a content creator I have already been experimenting with this free opensource software to explore some of the future possibilities of this technology. I recommend you watch the video, but from my early experimentation here are my findings:

  1. Creating Blog Posts – You can ask CHATGPT to create blog posts or even essays on any topic such as the pros & cons of being a Digital Nomad
  2. You can ask it any question and it will give you a single answer based on the data on the internet with no ads. You can even continue the conversation that you wrote
  3. You could ask it to create a short program. I experimented asking it to create a smart control for a new cryptocurrency token and it worked!
  4. Video Editing – While not under ChatGPT’s capabilities yet, this type of technology is available with Gopro’s Cloud Software and app called Quik. The Video Edit’s are not perfect, ,but they can provide a quick edit for social media that you can can further edit.
  5.  Ai Generated Art – ChatGPT has a program called Dalle-2 that can create AI generated art. To start off you would upload your own image and it will create different variations. Check out the video for a demo

chatggt3 AI video content creators


You can expect further updates on my socials as I experiment more with this technology and what it is capable of. Outside of CHATGPT I’ve already seen what automation is capable of in Microsoft corporate space as well as Gopro Quick with it’s video editing automation. My prediction is that 2023 will be a big year for Artificial Intelligence and automation.


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