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Video Tips

  • which resolution and frame rate

    What resolution or frame rate to film video at?

    What resolution or frame rate to film at? As cameras continue to improve at a rapid rate we as Videographers…

  • Maldives Videographer

    Maldives Videographer (Video Productions)

    Hi my name is Greg Hung, the owner of ChicVoyage Productions. I’m a Canadian Travel Videographer based in Asia. If…

  • Kuala Lumpur Videographer

    Kuala Lumpur Videographer

    Hi my name is Greg Hung the owner of ChicVoyage Productions and a Canadian Videographer. If you’re an international company,…

  • vlogging tips

    5 Awesome Tips for Vlogging

    Vlogging seems to have become the new blogging as Video and Youtube have become more popular and accessible to the…

  • Vlog youtube editing service

    Vlog and Youtube Video editing Service

    Vlog and Youtube Video editing Service Let us help edit your Vlog or Youtube videos with our professional editing service.…

  • how to improve your nightlife footage

    Tips on How To Improve your Nightlife Footage

    I love the nightlife and often take my camera out to shoot videos and photos while I’m out. I’m going…

  • Panasonic GH5 low light

    Improve the Panasonic GH5 Low light performance with the Metabones Ultra Speedbooster (Lens testing)

    If you check the many Panasonic GH5 video reviews you will find that the low light performance and the autofocus…

  • filming in a crowded room

    How to film a 2 camera Interview video in a crowded ass room

    How to film a 2 camera Interview video in a crowded ass room You’ve been hired to do a Video,…

  • travel videographer

    How do you become a Full-time Travel Videographer

    What do you do for work? I hear this question many many times. I’m a Travel Videographer I respond. What…

  • Understanding the focus on the Panasonic GH5

    Panasonic GH5 – Understanding the Autofocus

    My friends have asked me how is the Autofocus for the Panasonic GH5. They saw reviews on the Internet complaining…