Case study:How to sell your Gopro footage through stock footage

Gopro’s are wonderful devices to capture footage. I’ve taken footage underwater scuba diving, aerial filming and on the hood of the car. Do you know which of my Gopro videos sell the most?  Surprisingly, it is not aerial video. It is what I call the Gopro driving tour videos. I’ve attached my Gopro to the hood of a car and recorded video on a scenic drive through Maui or along the ocean coast of Melbourne. These videos are relatively easy to make and all that you need is a Gopro camera, vehicle, and a suction cup mount. I think there are a lot of possibilities. I sell these clips for $65 to 75 US as they involve more setup, time, and editing.

Something to try is to try capture this style of video using a Gopro 4 because it can shoot in 4k and at higher frame rates at lower resolutions. There is a demand for 4k and video a higher frame rates provides smoother slow motion.

If you are interested in the technique you can watch how I do this in an updated video lesson included in my upcoming Gopro 4 course.  This link will provide almost a 50% discount off the regular price. Click here to access the discount link with a limit of 50 before May 5th 2015.

How to sell your Gopro footage
my Gopro 4 course contains a lesson on filming driving tours



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