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Opportunities for Canadians Abroad

It is a challenging time for Canadians mainly due to the living costs of renting purchasing a home in major cities like Vancouver or Toronto.  I am aware of these challenges, but instead of spending time to dwell on this I want to focus on opportunities available to you and myself.

Are you frustrated that you went for a good university degree or masters and can't find that job? Are you frustrated that you're in a job where you feel trapped by a 9-5 schedule? I was there in 2011. I was at the height of my 13 year corporate career before I decided to sell my apartment and boldly follow my passion for travel in video.

There are opportunities for a great life for Canadians in destinations around the world. Canadians have one of the more liberal passports allowing easy travel into other destinations like Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, and more.

I began my journey on a working holiday in Taiwan to learn Chinese, start my Online Video Business, and Teach English. Now I work on my Online Video Business Full-time. There are a growing number of Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and Australians that have adopted the laptop lifestyle inspired the the popular bestselling book the 4 hour work week.

What are these people doing. Where to Begin?

Technology like smartphones, powerful laptops, and the Internet are allowing Canadians & many other foreigners (Digital Nomads) to travel and live abroad while working on-line. Some are working in freelance jobs like translation, copy writing, affiliate marketing, video editing, skype coaching and seo consultation. Some digital nomads create digital products like e-books, on-line courses,  or license video footage like myself. Digital Nomads are choosing destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia to practice slow travel while earning a western income. These locations offer dramatically lower costs, hot weather, fast Internet, co-work spaces, and growing community of like-minded people. People were first talking about this lifestyle in 2008-2009. In 2013 my original plan was a working holiday. The Digital Nomad lifestyle in 2017 is still considered a non mainstream or alternative lifestyle. I've completed my 4th year living abroad in Asia and feel like I've completed my Degree as a Digital Nomad. There has been a lot experience and learned. I'm here to help bring awareness to this lifestyle for Canadians and other Westerners, educate, and help bring awareness to the realities of living this lifestyle for 4 years.



Greg is a well traveled Canadian Digital Nomad Videographer. He has based himself in Asia for the past 4 years: 2 years in Taiwan and 2 years in Thailand. He helped produced the course and has based himself in Bangkok as a Digital Nomad to offer that perspective. FIND OUT MORE

Greg Hung
Canadian Digital Nomad Videographer GREGHUNGSHOW.COM


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