Best selling Stock Footage of all time

The Best Selling Stock Footage of All Time

The Best Selling Stock Footage of All Time

In 2019 there is more competition than ever from other Stock Footage Videographers. I hope by reading this Paid report you gain insight into how you can improve your Stock Footage game and a competitive edge.  I will share my top 20 earning individual clips of all time on the most successful Stock Agencies since beginning Stock Footage videography in 2014 using Pond 5 and Shutterstock. Some of these clips, which are 10 to 20 seconds long have earned me along $1000-2000US. I’ll hint to your that it is an Aerial Video clips.

By reading this report hopefully you’ll gain some insight into categories and filming styles that sell well. If you have been selling footage for awhile I encourage to analyze your top sellers as well. 



One of my top selling clips of all time and best selling categories

Cinematic Bar shot –

best selling stock footage clips of all time

This video was uploaded in 2014 in Taipei on my Canon SLR in Full HD 24 FPS. It’s such a low file size compared to 4K video clips from my GH5 camera in 2019, but I won’t argue with the results. I’ve sold just under $1500US from this clip alone. This was actually for a client video shoot, but it makes an excellent b-roll shot. I used a full size aluminum dolly right at the bar. The smooth movement with this setup makes this shot rare. I  was doing a client shoot I and had unrestricted access to shoot anywhere. What is your unfair advantage. Perhaps negotiate with the client for permission to use some of the footage for stock footage purposes and reduce your shooting rate. It’s a win win.

One of the findings in looking at my best sellers is that majority of them fall into the nightlife category. Either they are shot at night time or are in places your normally spend in the evening. This could be people enjoying a meal at a restaurant or people dancing at a bar.

This is just a little taste of what I’ll share in the best selling Stock Footage Report. I’lll share the first page on Pond 5 and Shutterstock of my top earners. I’ll give you an analysis of my top 5 earners as well as a lot of other useful tips for 2019. You will have access to the clip id’s so you can search these clips on Pond 5 and Shutterstock to analyze the actual live video clips that clients see.

Shutterstock Top Earners snapshot from the Report

Best Selling Stock Footage of all time


Best selling Stock Footage of all time

Stock Agencies I recommend in 2019

Join Blackbox:

blackbox platform that promises to save stock footage creators to save time, allowing you to outsource your keywording, revenue split, and benefit from their large portfolio on the top agencies. It’s hard to say whether you should do all blackbox or go independent on the other top agencies. I recommend to a 50/50 split and see which works best for you.

Pond 5  – Still one of the easiest to work. Fast approvals and best performers

Shutterstock – Becoming easier to work with but high rejection rates. Still they pay decent.

AdobeStock – I started with them about a year and a bit ago and have started using their creative cloud software. They have the ecosystem and resources to really take off.

Storyblocks – Easiest agency to work with. They accept CSV’s from pond 5 and shutterstock and payout decently. Why not.

Stock footage Education Courses


Learn Travel Aerial Videography with me using Mavic Air

Stock Footage MasterClass. My 2 course bundle of my best Stock Footage knowledge and workflows for the top agencies at 50% off

Nightlife Photography Course A recent course I shot in 2018 to Improve your ability to shoot Nightlife Videos

Learn to Earn with Stock Footage

Start your career in Stock Footage with an invite to the Free Course, sales data and secret tips to monetize with your footage directly with customers and through partnerships on Blackbox.

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