Behind the Scenes -Pilates Stock Footage Video Shoot

behind the scenes Pilates stock footage video shoot

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Behind the Scenes - Pilates Stock Footage Video Shoot

I recently shot with a Pilates/Yoga Stock Footage shoot in Chiang Mai before I left for Canada. I worked with Caitlin whom I worked with for the Pilates training video. Rob Crocker, the author of the Stock Footage millionaire does mostly model video shoots as opposed to videos without people. He also believes that video clips with healthy and attractive people sell better. I think he may be right. I've only done a few stock footage videos with model releases. It does take more effort, but I have a good feeling that the videos from this collection will do well.  In this video you are going to get a behind the scenes look behind the video clips. You are going to see how I set the lighting, the positioning, and me on the camera.

Model Releases

Print out the model releases for the stock footage agencies you are going to share your collection with and bring it to the shoot

Scouting & Site location

I used the Sangdee Cafe in Chiang Mai as the location for the shoot. Thanks to Sangdee. We just paid for some drinks to use their space. I also scouted the location beforehand to aid in visualization. The Cafe was also nearby allowing me to walk there with my manfrotto tripod

Communication & comfort

If you are working with a model that hasn't done a Stock Footage shoot try to give them clear direction of what you want. I asked Caitlin to smile and do some different Pilates and Yoga poses from different angles. You'll also get better results if you make your model is comfortable. Maybe they need some water or to have a short chat before the shoot

Bring different lighting and lenses

It's a great idea to bring your own lighting gear so you can adapt to the lighting conditions. I used my LED light panel for additional lighting. I used a F 1.4 50mm lens as the room was dark to get that bokeh effect in the background. I used my 24-105 F4 in better lighting with different focal lengths.

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