Behind the scenes: Maui Paradise travel video

Nearly a year after traveling to Maui I got around to producing the video. For this video I introduced some new techniques using the go pro. I had experimented with the go pro 3 in Vancouver before heading off from Hawaii. I found the go pro suction cup mount to be the most useful especially for mounting it to the car of the hood for the driving tours. The footage from the go pro allowed me to deliver a first person perspective of actually driving in Maui. The go pro and the suction cup mount also came in handy in the water. I used a wooden paddle board and mounted the go pro to this flat surface. It made it easy to get stable footage of myself in the water. I experimented with the higher resolution rates on the go pro, but found the 1080p 60fps to me the sweet spot. The ability to download an app for the iphone and connect it to the go pro 3 with wifi made programming the go pro a breeze. As I didn’t have the back display I would use the connection from my iphone to at least frame the camera angle I wanted despite a slight delay. After I had the angle and frame I wanted I turned off the go pro wifi to maximize the battery life on the go pro.

The ocean front of Maui was just breath-taking. I used my cinevate dolly to add that extra wow factor from the patio of our ocean front apartment. I also took the dolly off the tripod with a wide 11-16mm tokina lens to capture a low angle shot where you could see the detail on the beach sand. We had to rent a car to get around Maui, but from a video perspective it was essential for filming the driving tours up to the haleakea. It also helped me transport the heavy dolly and tripod to get those high production value shots in the field.

Gear Used:

  • Canon 6d SLR
  • Cinevate Atlas Slider
  • Go Pro 3 with suction cup mount
  • Canon 24-105mm F4 L series
  • Tokina 11-16mm
  • Canon 7d SLR
  • Manfrotto tripod


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