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Bangkok is a vibrant and exciting city to live that has a lot to offer for Expats, Digital Nomads, and English Teachers. Bangkok is known as a popular tourist areas destination, but once you make the decision to live like a local and have insider information you can live a great lifestyle at an affordable cost.

Bangkok has excellent resources and infrastructure to get around, high quality and affordable medical care, a gear variety of food, plentiful and world class co-workspaces, and plenty of entertainment. Bangkok is also a great travel hub, offers world class shopping, and is more affordable than Western Cities.

Teachers with Real experience

The course is co-taught by a local insider Thai American English Teacher that lives in Bangkok . Our second teachers is a Canadian Digital Nomad that has based in himself in Bangkok long-term

Essential Info

Our course will cover essentials likewhere to live, how to get connected, stay safe, health, and get around, and meet people

Save on Costs

Get the info to save you time and get local prices in Bangkok

Our Teachers for the Course

Shane Melaugh

Diane speaks fluent Thai and English. She has lived in the US and Australia and offers us the local insider information with a global perspective. She teachers English at an international school in Bangkok

Diane Piroon
Thai American English Teacher

Shane Melaugh

Greg is a well traveled Canadian Digital Nomad Videographer. He has based himself in Asia for the past 4 years: 2 years in Taiwan and 2 years in Thailand. He helped produced the course and has based himself in Bangkok as a Digital Nomad to offer that perspective.

Greg Hung
Canadian Digital Nomad Videographer

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