Bangkok Out of town Payoneer Client Shoot – Aerials & Vlog series

Vlog 1 – Arriving in Bangkok

Vlog 2 – Packing to return home

Finished Video

I just returned from an out of town corporate shoot in Bangkok Thailand. I’m based in Chiang Mai Thailand currently. I learn a lot from every client video shoot as there are different requirements from every shoot. I plan to share my lessons learned from packing for an out of town shoot, how I found the client, pricing,  finding a makeup artist, aerial filming in Bangkok, combining stock and corporate videos, choosing an airbnb for work, and more.

This video for project for Payoneer incorporates a lot of what I teach and do. There is the traditional 2 angle camera interview, dolly shots, stock footage, aerial footage, and of course the business side of things. I incorporated stock footage collection and made an agreement with payoneer to shoot additional footage for the video and my stock footage purposes.

Here are some instagram photos and the first vlog from the trip. If you like this type of free-lancing content I’m planning a new course called the Business of Video and photography 2 coming out later this year.

I’ve been focusing a lot on my online video business this year, but it’s a good idea to diversify your time into freelance videos as well. I actually earned sales on-line while I was on this trip.


Related Online Udemy Courses

I’ve set up a couple coupons if you are interested in aerial photography or stock footage on my Udemy courses. They are still new and I need some reviews, so I’m offering 50% off with a limit of 25 per course. The Udemy courses are an affordable way to begin to sample my course content.

Business of Video and photography (50% off)

Stock Footage 2.0 (50% off)

Aerial Photography for Beginners (50% off)
Let me know if you enjoy the vlog behind the scenes format.

out of town video shoot

Time to make some video magic #packingheavy #travelvideo

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Filming in the crazy city of bangkok

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Behind the scenes.Makeup artist prepping our star for the video shoot. #bangkok #travelvideo

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#aerialphotography downtown bangkok

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Travel film trip #sabai

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