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Langkawi aerial

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    Stock Footage Report Aug 2015 – what sells and what you can learn There still is a lack of information…

  • Chiang Mai 4k aerial

    Chiang Mai, Thailand seen in 4k from the air

    Presenting my first 4k Aerial video shot in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I’ve spent the past month producing an on-line course…

  • Dji Phantom 3 – Pilot App review and free lesson

    Dji Phantom 3 – Pilot App review and free lesson Now that I’ve spent plenty of hours flying the Phantom…

  • Bangkok Stock footage – 4k and HD – Floating markets, tuk tuks, and plenty of night-life

    Our Bangkok stock footage collection features 4k drone footage aerials to HD around Bangkok from the highest viewpoint on top…

  • Stock Footage On-line course free on Skillshare only for August

    Yes that’s right I’m offering my most popular course for free only for August. I’ve recently published it on Skillshare…

  • DJI Phantom 3 – Big-time improvements in drone safety

    Yes, I finally received my DJI Phantom 3 drone. This is almost 3 months after losing the first generation drone…

  • Free stock footage from Vietnam Saigon

    I’ve just returned from a recent tour of Bangkok and Saigon in Vietnam and captured some exciting HD footage. I’ve…

  • Field study: How to use a H5 Zoom or H6 Zoom field recorder with lav mic setup

    When I first started out in video I paid more attention to the visual side of the video rather than…

  • Thailand professional video services

    Thailand professional video services ChicVoyage productions will be offering Thailand professional video services to International clients. Based in Chiang Mai…

  • Case study:How to sell your Gopro footage through stock footage

    Gopro’s are wonderful devices to capture footage. I’ve taken footage underwater scuba diving, aerial filming and on the hood of…