Around the World Travel Video 2015 – Make money from your footage

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The 2015 to 2016 World Video Tour features video from the following destinations: Tokyo, Siem Riep, Myanmar, Thailand, Vancouver, Singapore and Vietnam and shot video. I brought my camera gear to each destination with an objective of filming video for stock footage purposes. Stock footage is a business model where I can film footage in each of these locations and license my footage online later. The footage I sell helps me earn some revenue from each location I visit, and in some cases I end up profiting from my trip over time. Once the footage is online it earns me a passive income so I can earn money even while I’m traveling and sleeping. Footage from my trip continues to earn me an income even after my trip is over.

I put this video together to inspire people to travel and showcase my work. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to make a video like this. I wouldn’t make a video like this your main objective. I based myself in Taiwan and Chiang Mai and when I needed to do a visa run I would bring along my gear. Taiwan is a good base to travel to Japan and South Korea. Chiang Mai is an excellent destination to travel around South East destinations like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

If you have video skills, a camera that can do video perhaps you can start taking stock footage on your next world tour. I have a free stock footage mini course where you can get started.




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