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Flying, living and taking Footage with the drone in Singapore and South East Asia has been an amazing experience 

Hi my name is Greg Hung. I'm a Canadian travel videographer that has been living and traveling the world doing aerial photography for over 7 years. I filmed this video in October 2015 in Singapore, and you can too with the right tools and training. Aerial Photography is fun and there are many business applications for the amazing footage you create from it. I started with the first generation drone in Australia 2013 and have flown in countries such as Taiwan, Vancouver, and Japan. 

First-time flyers will learn how to fly safely from an experienced instructor

This is my 7th on-line video related course. I understand that flying the drone can both by an exhilarating and nerve wrecking experience. Aerial filming is relatively new. I began flying the Phantom 1 in May 2013. Back then there was no live connection from the drone to my ipad app providing important stats like battery level, height, and GPS satellites.  This course will help first-time flyers lower the barriers to safely and comfortably learn to fly and take footage from the air. Produced in the digital nomad capital in the mountains of Chiang Mai Thailand  I will provide a comprehensive course offering training to fly the aircraft and take great footage. 

My drone of choice - DJI Phantom and Mavic

My Drone Courses are taught on the DJI Phantom and Mavic platforms. DJI drones have proven to be the mainstream standard and have evolved into a stable and reliable aircraft packed with technology to allow you to get amazing videos and stills. It's light and portable and easy to setup. The camera can be controlled from my Ipad app and I can monitor vital information from a live HD feed.

Click here or on the image below to Buy the Phantom 3 professional. I'll get a small affiliate fee, which helps for the time to put up this page at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

aerial photography online course

Aerial Photos around Asia

aerial photography online course

Birds eye aerial of the Grand Canyon Quarry, Chiang Mai Thailand

aerial photography online course

Supertree Grove, Singapore

aerial photography online course

Loi Krathong Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai Thailand

Why an Aerial Photography On-line Course

  • Learn how to fly safely
    It's important to learn how to fly before you film. These are 2 distinct skillsets. I will teach you how to fly and progress to taking videos and photos from the air. From the flight simulator, to your first flight, and to more advanced drills and maneuvers
  • How to monetize your aerial footage
    The majority of people flying the drone are doing it as a hobby or to make cool videos. I use the Stock footage business model to license my video footage. It's a passive income business model allowing your to travel and film footage. I also use the drone as a tool for corporate videos such as flyovers and indoor sweeps. You'll learn this in my lessons
  • Save time to find quality comprehensive instruction
    Save time scrounging around Youtube and various sites trying to find the quality step by step video lessons you need. If you value your time My courses will cover everything you need from packing your bag to editing your photos and videos

An indoor flight I did at a 2400 square production facility


On-line Video Course

Learn Aerial Video and Photo Combo

  1.  Take Amazing footage: Take Professional shoots amazing stable 4k video and  photos. Imagine aerials of the beautiful beaches in Thailand or Mystic temples in Bagan, Myanmar
  2.  Practical Video education: I live and breathe this stuff and live this lifestyle. As a result you're going to get practical video lessons outside of the classroom. You're going to learn how to travel and pack the drone.  You're going to get access to my flight records, flight commentary, launch locations and more
  3.  Learned from an experienced instructor that emphasizes safety: I've been flying since the very first generation Phantom 1 drone in 2013. With my Phantom 3 I have over 103 flights, over 12.5 hours flight time, and have flown 46,671 M

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What People Are Saying About My Video Lessons

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Greg inspired me and my Husband to travel and fly with our Phantom 3 drone in 31 countries”

“Greg offered some excellent business ideas we could use with our drone. His knowledge allowed us to get some great shots in Chiang mai, Thailand without going on an expensive tour.

Elizabeth Schirmer

New York, USA​

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Greg inspired me to start flying the drone in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

Greg's video lessons helped me get to a level to great awesome aerial photos that I can use for my website and to show my family and friends

Michael Jones
 SEO  Consultant / Web Director at HolidayPoint.com.au

Greg Hung
Owner Chicvoyageproductions.com
Aerial Videographer, On-line Instructor

About the Author

Greg Hung is South African Canadian from Vancouver, Canada. He has a 13 year background in technology. He began his passion for video in 2011 after selling everything to begin traveling the world. He started flying with the first generation drone Phantom 1 in Australia in 2013. In 2015 he was sponsored by California company Curious.com to produce one of the first Phantom 3 on-line video courses. He has flown in Siem Riep, Myanmar, Singapore, and Thailand.

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