Adobe Creative Cloud Review

Adobe Creative Cloud Review Pros and Cons

I’ve been using the adobe creative cloud review for almost 2 years so I thought it would be a great time to review the Adobe Creative cloud. The Adobe Creative Cloud is essential to running my content creation business. I use Premiere Pro to create professional videos for paid clients and also for my social media. I use Adobe Spark to design my social media graphics for youtube and my online courses. I also use Photoshop and lightroom to edit and design the photos I take around the world on my drone.

Adobe Creative Cloud Review Pros and Cons
Disclaimer: Affiliate link to Adobe Creative Cloud at no additional cost to you. I pay an use Adobe Creative cloud and recommend it

What is the Adobe Creative Cloud

In my words the Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to any of the 20 paid applications including Adobe Premiere, photoshop, and after effects. It comes with it’s own pro’s and cons, which I will talk about. One of the cons it that there is an ongoing costs whether you select a single app or pay for access to all the applications. This is in stark contrast to Final Cut Pro, which is a one time life-time fee. In the end you will be paying either Adobe or Apple over the long run it is just a matter of paying more upfront or over the long run.  The clear benefit of going with Adobe is you have great access to a variety of creative applications, the latest versions, awesome font library, and you can use these applications on Windows or Mac computers.

What do you get from the Adobe Creative cloud

As a Videographer I need access to the Adobe Premiere. I pay for Adobe Premiere every month and can install it on multiple computers that I own. I also get some cloud drive space (100gb) and access to install fonts. With my subscription I also get access to other apps for free like Adobe Spark for graphic design. They have different packages depending on which applications you need. Once upon a time in 2011 I purchased the entire Adobe Creative Suite, but it’s not great for teaching when you’re using a version that is a decade old.

Technical Support

Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro even 2020 are known for being a bit finicky and prone to crash. I grown to live with it and when there is an issue their online support is really responsive and I’ve had a good experience.

Bottom Line

I go into more depth on the pros and cons of Premiere Pro and the creative cloud in these videos. The reality is that I’m currently using a Windows 10 computer to video edit. Premiere Pro and it’s other applications do their job well. As a Videographer there is a clear benefit to clients knowing Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut if they do require the project files after for future editing. Adobe does own a lot of core applications for videographers, graphic designers, and photographers so if you do professional creative work this is a good choice.

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