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5 Awesome Tips for Vlogging

Vlogging seems to have become the new blogging as Video and Youtube have become more popular and accessible to the mainstream.  Youtubers like John Olsson, Caisey Neistat, Mark Wiens, Lost Leblanc among others are building large followings and doing this full-time.There is a lot to learn to level up. In this video I offer more than 5 tips you can use to level up your Vlogging game.

Tip 1 – Use a mixture of resolutions and frame rates. In 2018 we are able to not only film 4K 24 frames per second (fps), but film in Ultra 4k in 60 fps. In english this means we can film in lower resolution 4k, but in slow motion. We can film super slow motion in HD 1080 (120fps). By using a mixture of different resolutions and frame rates you can get a variety of different looks in your video. I like to film my talking head videos in 1080p 29.97fps these days. I’ll film in Ultra 4k 60fps for high resolution slow motion broll.

Learn to Video edit with me in Final Cut Pro X

My Vlogging camera Panasonic GH5 with lens kit

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