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4k video with Dji Osmo – how you can get amazing stable shots

4k video with the DJI osmo has been the fastest way I’ve been able to create amazing 4k video content. The DJI osmo is a stabilized 4k video stick made by the same company as the drone company DJI. A friend recently offered to let me use it and I’ve put it to an extensive test primarily for creating footage for licensing. If you’re interested about creating video and making money from it you can check out my free online course.

The Dji osmo connects to your mobile device and uses the same app as the drone. This reduced my learning curve a lot as most of the software controls were similar to the drone. There is a short learning curve to learn how to use this camera, but there is some training require to use it effectively. Once you learn how to use the app, operative the camera and gimbal, and some techniques you’ll be creating high quality 4k video in no time. The camera looks like a webcam, but it’s powerful. It captures amazing 4k videos, stills, and performs well in low light.

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The image quality is amazing and with a wide F2.8 lens I’ve been able to take the osmo out during the day and get decent footage at night. What I love about the osmo is how hassle free it is. I can walk with my friends and still get stable 4k footage. There is no need to setup a tripod and it’s a joy to see my video shots live from the app on my smartphone or ipad. You can even cache the videos on your mobile so you can preview the clips right away or publish them for use on your instagram or facebook. You can get instant gratification and review the shots right away to see if they need to be shot again.

Some cool features I liked are 360 picture panographs, timelapses, HD slow motion, and the selfie mode. There are a lot of features in the camera that could satisfy a stock footage videographer or a vlogger with a microphone upgrade.

The drawbacks I see with the Osmo is that the built-in mic is bad and that the mobile device grip was made for righthanders. The battery lasts about an hour or less depending on how often much you are making the gimbal or camera work.

This camera is a step up from the gopro in terms of the image quality and stabilization. I’ve used the osmo from a motorbike and the car and it does and amazing job out of the box. It doesn’t allow you to take it underwater like you could with the gopro. Gopro also has a nice variety of attachments for using it on a helmet or sticking it to the hood of the car. You won’t be able to compete with camera with detachable lenses, but the wide angle lens allows you to capture much of the picture in frame. The aesthetic of the video is pleasing to the eye like a first person perspective. So far I’ve been using most of my shots handheld.

I’ll be using the Omso to build up a high quality library of video. Overall I think the Osmo is a compact, convenient, and powerful way to create amazing 4k videos and photos.  Check out my videos and if you want to get an Osmo from my affiliate link you can link over here. thanks



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