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4 Reasons Why you Should Upgrade your Panasonic GH5 to a GH6 Sample Footage

Why Should One Upgrade from the Panasonic GH5 to the GH6?

The Panasonic GH5 has been a favorite among videographers and photographers for its exceptional video recording capabilities and advanced features. However, with the release of the Panasonic GH6, many people are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading to the latest model. In this post, we’ll discuss the key reasons why upgrading from the GH5 to the GH6 is a good idea.

Bonus for 2024 – Recording to External SSD & using it as a Webcam

With the Panasonic GH6 you can record to Pro Res Video Forma now, but there are some catches. You need the expensive CF express card or with the firmware update you can record to a more cost effective external SSD hard-drive. See my post for more details on this. Another bonus is you can use your GH6 as a webcam properly without the annoying tether workaround with the Panasonic GH5. These 2 upgrades are definitely game changers over the GH5.

Improved Image Quality

The Panasonic GH6 boasts a new 24-megapixel sensor, which is a significant upgrade over the 20-megapixel sensor found in the GH5. The new sensor has improved dynamic range and better low-light performance, resulting in clearer and more detailed images with less noise. Additionally, the GH6 has a new Venus Engine processor, which further enhances image quality and sharpness.

why upgrade from the panasonic gh5 to the gh6

Can use the same lenses and Adaptors with the GH6

Most experienced GH5 users ended using the famous Canon Lens the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 paired with a Metabones or Viltrox lens adaptor. This was a winning combination for videographers. You can use the exact same setup on the GH6 so you can save money and just buy the GH6 body and you’re good to go!

Advanced Autofocus System

The GH6 features a new autofocus system that is faster and more accurate than the one found in the GH5. The new system uses deep learning technology and can track subjects more effectively, making it ideal for shooting fast-moving subjects. Additionally, the GH6 can now autofocus in low-light conditions down to -6EV, which is a significant improvement over the GH5’s -4EV.

Improved Video Capabilities

The Panasonic GH5 was already a powerful video camera, but the GH6 takes things to the next level. The GH6 can shoot 4K video at up to 120fps, which is double the frame rate of the GH5. It also supports 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording, which provides more color depth and flexibility in post-production. Additionally, the GH6 has improved image stabilization and can shoot 5.9K video when paired with an external recorder. You can even upgrade the firmware so unlock recording to Pro Res HQ to an internal SSD hard-drive with the GH6.

Enhanced User Experience

The GH6 has several new features that make it a joy to use. It has a larger and more detailed electronic viewfinder, a fully articulating touchscreen, and improved controls with more customizable buttons. The camera also has a new “Live View Composite” mode, which allows you to preview long exposures in real-time, making it easier to get the perfect shot.

In conclusion, the Panasonic GH6 is a significant upgrade over the GH5 in terms of image quality, autofocus, video capabilities, and user experience. If you’re a professional videographer or photographer who values the latest technology and wants to produce the best possible results, upgrading to the GH6 is a no-brainer.

Adding to the previous points, the GH6 also has a better battery life, allowing you to take more shots or record more videos without worrying about the battery running out. The camera also has a new heat dissipation system, which prevents overheating during prolonged use. This is particularly beneficial for videographers who often shoot for extended periods.

Moreover, the GH6 has a new multi-aspect sensor, which means you can shoot in different aspect ratios without losing resolution. This feature is particularly useful for photographers who want to experiment with different compositions.

Finally, the GH6 is compatible with the L-Mount lenses, which expands your options for lenses that you can use with the camera.

All in all, the GH6 is a worthwhile upgrade for those who want the latest technology in their camera and value high-quality output. With its improved image quality, advanced autofocus system, enhanced video capabilities, and user-friendly features, the GH6 is a great investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Check out some of the footage I’ve shot in New York and Vancouver with the Panasonic GH6. I should also share that I sold my GH5 body for $1000 and the Gh6 body cost me about $2100 on facebook marketplace.


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