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I believe virtual reality is definitely picking up momentum in 2016. This year in Phuket Thailand I saw people on Banglore road tripping out at the virtual reality station.

Videoblocks, one of the top stock footage agencies now supports virtual reality footage. My friend released a 360 video on facebook while riding his motorbike. I was amazed that I could view different angles of the footage by shifting my mobile phone. I since discovered that youtube has several 360 video already up for you to watch if you do a search. Also B and H photo released a panel talk and some highlights of the NAB show. I recommend skipping to 15:42 to check out some of the 360 rigs. Stock footage agency Motion Elements also released a 2016 NAB show review from Japan. I recommend watching this to get up to speed of what’s coming in the world of video.

I took a look at B and H and there are already camera’s like the Kodak PixPro SP 360 selling on Pre-order for $899 that are available to the consumer. Videoblocks has mentioned they will be selling 360º 3D stereoscopic content at $499 US per clip! From a stock footage videographer’s perspective it is early days, but I can see there being demand for video content. With manufacturers like Gopro and Kodak selling 360 camera’s for the producer and headsets like the Samsung Gear for about $100US it looks like the window is open to get into 360 stock footage. The platforms to produce, consume, and sell are there. I’ve heard that the post production and editing stage of producing 360 are the real painpoints.

$4,999.99 to play
$4,999.99 to play with the Google Omni Rig



I caught up with Sam Tate while working at the co-work space in Chiang Mai Thailand. He was sporting the Samsung 360 goggles. This was the second time I had a chance to try. It’s definitely an amazing experience. We sat down to chat from everything from his Samsung Gear VR goggles, the future of video, 360 video, video gaming, and everything in between. Warning there is some adult content in here. Check out the video podcast we did where you can listen to the podcast and move the environment in 360.

360 camera
Kodak PixPro SP 360 selling on Pre-order for $899


Sam’s stuff:
Promo for Sam’s game


@samueltates on twitter, company is @tsrctco, site is www.tsrct.co

Japanese take on NAB 2016:

B and H photo NAB 2016

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