2017 Vision

2017 Business Vision

A business vision is in part grounded in reality and stretching the imagination and ambition a bit.  Doing this exercise helps provide a roadmap for the year and it's fun to use your imagination. As the year unfolds there is no guarantee that my year looks like this, but for the past 2 years it surprisingly has come close. Hopefully I can inspire you and give you a template to create your own vision.

In 2017 I once again fell into the trap of spreading myself too thin and working on too many things. I focused on stock footage across 4 or more agencies, 3 youtube channels, Amazon video direct, managing 2 websites, 2 podcasts episodes  a month, managing email marketing, online courses across 3 platforms, amazon kindle, and my gumroad digital products

For stock footage in 2016 and Jan 2017 I focused on volume in 4k. For the remainder of 2017 I want to focus more on producing strategic content based on my sales and other intelligence, managing my content, and marketing my content via stock footage subscriptions. I also want to spend more on trying to crowd source content for the subscription and business and testing the on demand business model more.  As the collection grows plans will need to be made to continue to host and deliver the footage.

For Online courses I want to focus on doing a good job publishing the DJI osmo course. I also want to look at my existing courses and see how I can best manage or perhaps refilm/update lessons instead of producing a new course. The drone course was popular at the beginning of the year, but lost popularity due to the fast product release cycle of DJI. Instead I want to focus on producing content for needs that apply to all drone platforms and stand the test of time. I will also have to look at recreating my flagship product. This may be a combination of online courses and online/offline person training/coaching. I'm entering my 5th year living abroad in a foreign country and have develop unique skill and experience to share here as well.

My recent travel experience in South Africa, Bangkok, Singapore and Penang was refreshing and eye opening. I believe my knowledge and experience accumulated from these trips are unique as digital nomads tend to follow the well traveled locations of Bali, Chiang Mai, and Vietnam. South Africa perhaps is the most unique opportunity to offer a visitor living guide. I have unique advantages through my history and local insider connections to help first time visitors to South Africa. This may be in a form of some mixture of text/video guide.

I want to continue to promote my lifestyle as an comfortable, late 30 something location independent videoographer & creator pursuing his passion. I can use media from footage, drinks, work lifestyle, and travel. This year I want to reinforce the my worldliness by stretching my boundaries beyond Asia and into Europe & North Africa.

I want to look at polishing and tightening of the website. This may result in update of content and new landing pages. This effort ties into help develop a more target subscriber list through the use of unique offers and opt-ins.

I also want to examine how I can be a more effective into affiliate marketing whether it is a course I'm promoting as well as developing affiliates for my products.

Jan - Mar 2017 Producing Content, Website, Nomadic mode

I already have produced a good amount of footage & content in Singapore, Bangkok, Penang, and South Africa in January. In Chiang Mai I will have access to good internet and workspace to publish this content before the end of February.

I want to work on improving the reviews of the DJI Osmo course and updating some of the lessons to improve it's momentum.

It will also be a good time to look at polishing my website's main pages to reinforce my brand and lifestyle. I also want to set up landing pages stock footage crowdsourcing , on-demand, and a gear/lifestyle offering to help build targeted lists for my products.

One  offering I'm thinking of is the 2017 creator's guide. Once this is setup I can collect emails and build my audience for the remainder of the year. Speaking of emails I will have to revisit my email sequences and funnels.

The air quality is expected to get bad at the beginning of March and I'm thinking of getting into nomadic mode. I'll have to figure out a plan to minimize or store my things. I want to travel very light. I could travel to Bali, Penang, KL, Bangkok Hanoi or the Phillipines for a couple of months. I’m leaning towards Bali. It has built-in marketing and a following and I feel I could get some amazing footage and would appreciate the different vibe that it offers. I will need to research more to see how long I could stay there. Perhaps its 2 weeks to a month depending on costs. After this I could return to Bangkok for a month. I also have a good idea on costs and lifestyle in Bangkok or Penang for a month.  I've wanted to visit Seoul for a long time and perhaps this is the year. There are also good flights to Seoul from KL and Bangkok. There are also good round trip flights from Seoul to Vancouver for my next leg of the journey.

Phantom 3 professional

Greg Hung (left), aerial videographer

April - June 2016 - Refine Funnels, Film, Content schedule & Flagship products

I will either be in Penang, Bangkok, or KL for the month. From a business perspective Bangkok will allow me to continue to produce 4k stock footage in one of the most traveled cities in the world. I've test driven Bangkok before and can get some work done here. I can focus on refining my sales funnels and flagship products. From Bangkok I can travel to Seoul for a reasonable cost for a short stay perhaps to test drive it out and do some shopping. Once in Seoul I can take a trip to Vancouver.

I plan to take a round trip flight to Vancouver and would like to stay up to a month or 2 during the summertime. I can take care of my business administration tasks and also film Vancouver summertime in 4k.

While in Vancouver I want to enjoy all that it can offer, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the summer waterfront lifestyle. I can leverage the inspiration labs library to produce a new course or produce new talking head video lessons. Perhaps I can develop a content schedule for the year in preparation for time in Vancouver so I'm prepared to film lessons here in a studio environment. It would also be a good idea to get the 6 month Thailand Visa while in Canada.

Thailand Videographer service
July - September - North America, NYC, & Lisbon

I would like to rent a car and do some flights of the beautiful nature by the sea to sky highway of British Columbia.

I would like to make a short trip to Las Vegas to film some 4k footage and enjoy a UFC fight. From Las Vegas I would like to fly out to Toronto. I could film some footage, visit family, and do some talks. If time permits I could visit New York for the first time and visit the B and H store to finally make major upgrades (drones, vr, mirrorless). From Toronto there are good cheap flights to Portugal.

October - December - Make a dent in Europe & North Africa

From Toronto I can fly to Portugal for under $300. If I like it I can use it as a base to travel to Europe, North Africa, Canada & South Africa. If not Capetown South Africa or Chiang Mai are options to relocate. Marrakesh Morocco & Istanbul Turkey are on Trip Advisors top 2016 destinations and are in the area and I could make a short trip there to experience and film. I could return to Toronto or Capetown as options for the holidays

Jan - March - Sell collection & purchase real estate

With my travels and with the help of crowdsourcing Chicvoyage will have one of the most diverse 4k ground, aerial, and 360 VR collections globally. This will position Chicvoyage productions for a 8 figure buyout in 2018.

I can return to Thailand for some relaxation on the beaches or Phuket. I will hold talks throughout and start experimenting more with solar energy.

​The focus will be on selling the collection sometime in 2018. I will use this capital to focus developing the online video school and recruiting some of the best creative talent.

​ I will also use remaining capital to get back into the Vancouver or Toronto real estate market. I will purchase an apartment on the waterfront and use it as base to live and office. I will use it in the summertime going forward and rent it out on Airbnb during my travels.

Return to Capetown
Q2 - Q4 - Scale

I will spend more time enjoying the Capetown wineries & lifestyle and look into partnering or buying some property and land

​I will continue to run operations for the business from Capetown South Africa and develop the online school

Return to Capetown
Metric Goals for end of Q1 2018

  • Email List of 2000 subscribers
  • Monthly Youtube Revenue $500 Cdn 2000 subscribers across all channels
  • Monthly Podcast downloads 5000
  • Pond 5 from 6455 to about 10k collection up to (3000 clips) Shutterstock 7000. Building up a 360 VR collection up to 1000. Crowdsourcing 10k 4k clips
  • 500 paying students on the Video Production Academy paying at least $125
  • 10 courses earning $1000 on Udemy
  • 1000 direct Stock Footage subscribers

Have you created your Vision?

Okay so I've finally publicly published my vision. Perhaps you can try one this year and see how it works our for you this year. If you would like to receive my updates during the year to see how this vision shapes out click to join my newsletter


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