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Archive for March, 2016

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    The benefits of Slow travel Slow travel is a different form of travel than a vacation that tourists do or…

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  • Behind the scenes – Aerial photography in Phuket Thailand

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    How to use your drone as an asset for your video business

    Use your drone to make money for your video business Too often drones like the DJI Phantom drones are seen…

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    Sign if you're interested in the Phuket Living guide or the lifestyle I'm living for yourself Sign Up It’s seriously…

  • Location Independent Videographer in Vancouver

    Working in Vancouver as a location independent Videographer

    Working in Vancouver as a location independent Videographer I returned to Vancouver for 2.5 months for the Christmas holidays to…

  • drone fair

    Western Canada’s first Drone fair

    Free Audio downloadI was fortunate to be in town for the first Drone Fair in Western Canada. It…

  • 7 Aerial photography tips – phantom 3 drone

    Aerial photography tips - phantom & mavic drones I’m going to share some of my top tips for taking good…