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  • Seoul South Korea – A guide to visit, eating, and filming

    Seoul South Korea has been on my map for years. South Korea has influenced the world with K pop, beautiful…

  • Tokyo Japan Video Footage – Free Stock Footage

    Access amazing Tokyo Video footage shot from in Full HD Access Free Stock footage from Tokyo Japan  by leaving your…

  • South Africa 4 aerial stock footage

    4k Aerial Stock Footage South Africa

    The 4k aerial Stock footage South Africa collection was shot in January 2017 with the help of a DJI Phantom…

  • Around the World Travel Video 2015 – Make money from your footage

    Access Stock from the collection The 2015 to 2016 World Video Tour features video from the following destinations: Tokyo, Siem…

  • how much to charge

    how much to charge for your stock footage

    In this post I’m going to be talking about pricing for stock footage. As a stock footage videographer, some agencies…

  • Digital Nomad in Penang Malaysia – with costs for short and monthly living

    Digital Nomad in Penang Malaysia – with costs for short and monthly living Update May 2017 Digital Nomad in Penang…

  • Bangkok Stock footage – 4k and HD – Floating markets, tuk tuks, and plenty of night-life

    Our Bangkok stock footage collection features 4k aerials to HD around Bangkok from the highest viewpoint on top of the…

  • Free stock footage from Vietnam Saigon

    I’ve just returned from a recent tour of Bangkok and Saigon in Vietnam and captured some exciting HD footage. I’ve…

  • Behind the scenes – Vancouver Aerial Footage

    I returned to Vancouver for the first time since relocating to Asia in almost 2 years. Since that time I…