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    Post MBA – Is it worth it? What did I actually learn?

    In my Online course: “Post MBA: How to get the Most out of your MBA Program”, I share some of…

  • how i sold my drone and dji osmo

    How to Sell your Drone and Why I sold my Drone and DJI Osmo

    Last month I sold my Phantom 3 pro drone in Vancouver. Yes that’s right sold my drone. I decided to…

  • Tokyo Japan Video Footage – Free Stock Footage

    Access amazing Tokyo Video footage shot from in Full HD. You can access free Tokyo stock footage by leaving your…

  • Johnny FD Taiwan

    Johnny FD – Super Chiang Mai Digital Nomad Podcast Interview from Taiwan GHS 19-21

    Johnny FD is a super digital nomad in Chiang mai earning upwards of 26k a month through various online businesses.…

  • Skype Coaching & consultation for business minded Location Independent Videographers

    Start Skype Coaching Skype coaching for videographers interested in building their online business or the digital nomad lifestyle is now…

  • drone video business

    How to use your drone as an asset for your video business

    Use your drone to make money for your video business Too often drones like the DJI Phantom drones are seen…

  • Lessons learned: Payoneer Travel photographer digital nomad video in Chiang Mai

    Payoneer Travel photographer digital nomad video in Chiang Mai I shot a lifestyle promotional video for payment platform Payoneer in…

  • How I would outsource my on-line video business

    What part of my video business would I outsource? Stock footage and teaching on-line courses has allowed me to start…

  • The Business of Video and Photography

    The Business of Video and Photography – How to find your First Customer

    The Business of Video and Photography  – How to find your First Customer When I discovered I had a passion…