Stock Footage

Stock Footage

Chicvoyage has a high quality collection of over 3000 videos from the following countries. Our collection are in .mov format 1920 X 1080. We now have a small part of our collection directly on our web-site for you to view and purchase. We have a strong collection in Vancouver and nearby cities like Las Vegas, San Francisco and Victoria. Our collection in Taiwan and particularly in Asia is also very strong with footage shot in Singapore, Taipei, Osaka, Kyoto, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more. We focus on travel related footage like attractions, food, nightlife, and people. We hope you find a clip you can use for your project.

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Footage from the following destinations are available:

  • Osaka
  • Las Vegas
  • Brisbane
For other countries please see the links below


Travel Collection

Australia & New Zealand
Hong Kong & Guangzhou
North West America
Turks & Caicos
South Africa


Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Komodo Islands)
Xian, China

General Collection

Behind the scenes - Iphone 6s plus green screen shoot

Iphone 6s Plus Green Screen

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.44.28 AM

Lifestyle – Nightlife and Dining


Purchase Options

Monthly Subscription to Asia collection $39 US a month

Monthly Subscription to Global collection $79 US a month

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5


Pond5 showcases the majority of our collection and is a good place to start to search our collection.

Purchase Direct

You can buy directly from us. If you see any clips on the youtube playlist, shutterstock, or Pond 5 we can sell the clip to you at 25% off the retail price. Contact us for a quote and please provide a link to the clip(s) you are interested in.

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