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Singapore stock footage

Singapore stock footage collection

sample edited video using actual stock footage

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The Singapore stock footage collection contains 79 (obo 5 gb) high definition (1080p) video clips filmed in from December 2011-2013. Pretty evening views on top of the sky deck of the futuristic shaped Marina Bay hotel, little India, China town, Clark Quay night life, Robertson Quay, authentic chicken rice, orchard place, and Sentosa beach. The footage package is available for royalty free licensing use upon on-line purchase and immediately available for download.
Format: 1920 * 1080 quicktime mov H.264

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Royalty Free License Agreement

1. Upon your payment of the purchase price for the footage package, you are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use and reproduce the footage in printed materials, or any electronic or digital form.

The above is subject to the following restrictions. Without limitation, footage clips may not be used:
• as a trademark or service mark
• for any pornographic, unlawful purpose or use
• to defame any person
• to violate any person’s right of privacy or publicity
• to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, or service mark of any person/entity
• for uses covering sensitive subjects including, without limitation, topics that may depict the subject matter of an Footage in a negative or unfavorable light or subject persons to ridicule
• use in retail photo products – these include, without limitation, greeting cards, calendars, postcards, stationery, mouse pads, clothing etc
• for a purpose in respect of which a model or property release is required should such a release not be available. You shall check that the footage has the appropriate releases before using the footage for such a purpose.
2. “Non-transferable” means that the work you produce using our Footage must be for your own use, or if purchased on behalf of your employer or client, your employer or client must be the end-user of your work. You may not sell, rent, loan, give, sublicense, or otherwise transfer to anyone the Footage, or the right to use the Footage package, and nothing you produce shall grant or purport to grant to any third party a right to use or duplicate an Footage. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from duplicating or distributing the Footage.
3. You shall indemnify and defend the photographer against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to (i) a breach of this Agreement, (ii) the use or modification of any Footage or combination of any Footage with any other material, (iii) your failure to abide by any restriction regarding the use of an Footage, or (iv) any claim by a third party related to the use of an Footage, alone or in combination with any other material. The photographer warrants ownership of the copyright for the Footage.
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Uploaded FilenameTitleCityCountrySourceSource Date Created
1Marina bay sands hotel and art science musuemsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
2China town in SingaporesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
3A view of sentosa and the cable cars from mount fabersingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
4A view of the marina bay merlionsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
5China town in Singapore 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
6A scene in a food court in Singapore China townsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
7A view of the marina bay merlion 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
8a side angle view of the henderson waves signsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
9The architecture on a little india temple roof and view of the frontsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
10wide shot of the henderson waves bridgesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
11Little india SingaporesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
12marina bay sands wide shotsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
13Little india Singapore 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
14marina bay pan from the fullerton bay hotelsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
15marina bay 180 pansingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
16Little india Singapore 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
17Henderson wavessingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
18christmas evening ion orchard shopping areasingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
19christmas evening ion orchard shopping area 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
20scene at the famous raffles hotel long barsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
21Aerial view of Marina BaysingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
22A aerial view of the esplandesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
23Aerial view of Marina Bay 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
24Scene at the singapore riversingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
25A view from the Singapore cable carsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
26A view from the Singapore cable car 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
27An evening view of the cable car and sentosa from mount fabersingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
28Prime view of the marina bay sands hotelsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
29A view of the marina bay merlion 3singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
30ion orchard shopping area 3singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
31 Prime view of the esplandesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
32evening ion orchard shopping area 4singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
33evening ion orchard shopping area 5singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
34A view of the singapore river promenadesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
35A view of the singapore river promenadesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
36An artistic evening view of the cable car from mount fabersingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
37a colorful evening view of the marina bay from marina bay sandssingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
38a view of the fullerton hotel from the singapore riversingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
39A aerial view of the esplande at nightsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
40Rare Christmas day reindeer with marina bay art  science musuemsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
41Aerial view of Marina Bay 3singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
42Prime evening shot of marina bay sands, helix bridge, and art science musuemsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
43Aerial view of Marina Bay at night 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
44Aerial view of Marina Bay at night 3singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
45Evening aerial view of the Singapore flyer ferris wheelsingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
46 aerial view of the Singapore flyer ferris wheel & horse race tracksingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
47louis vutton island shop & art science musuem marina baysingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
48Clark quay night life scenesingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
49Clark quay night life scene 2singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
50a night shot of the marina bay sands from the singapore riversingaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
51Clark quay night life scene 3singaporesingaporeCanon 7d2012-12
52Scene from the Singapore long barsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
53night scene at the marina bay promenadesingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
54night scene at the marina bay promenade 2singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
55water laser light show at marina bay sandssingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
56water laser light show at marina bay sands 2singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
57Scene at chinatown, singaporesingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
58pan of duxton street areasingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
59scene at popular maxwell hawker food center in china townsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
60authentic singapore chicken ricesingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
61club street in chinatownsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
62club street in chinatown 2singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
63A birds eye view of the raffles hotelsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
64club street in chinatown 3singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
65singapore food court hot pot vegetablessingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
66robertson’s quay during the daysingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
67robertson’s quay during the eveningsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
68robertson’s quay grafitti at the walkway entrancesingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
69robertson’s quay clock in the eveningsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
70night life scene at wine bar in robertson’s quaysingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
71The merlion at the sentosa islandsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
72The merlion at the sentosa island 2singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
73The merlion at the sentosa island 3singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
74 sentosa island beachsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
75Sentosa island beach 2singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
76Sentosa island beach 3singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
77Sentosa island beach 4singaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07
78A walk through india town busy districtsingaporesingaporeCanon 6d2013-07


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