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Final Cut Pro X – How to create an intro (title)

Final Cut Pro X – How to create an intro (title)
March 22, 2015 ghung

Recent versions of Final Cut Pro X arm us with pretty decent tools to create a good intro. Sometimes all it requires us to do is use them and adjust some of the settings to customize it. In this video I’m going to teach us how to us the glimmer background, text effect, and some music to quickly create a professional custom intro title. There is more than one way to do this, but you can apply this process with different background and text effects to create your own new titles.

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  • geez goose

    Thanks for the straightforward tuturial! Very nice, clear instruction. But, did you record the audio inside a potato? Just kidding, it’s got some reverb though… i got the info I needed. Much appreciated!

    • Hi Geez goose glad you appreciated the lesson. Yeah I recorded it in a meeting room at a coworkspace in Taipei. It has a lot of glass so that explains the reverb. Coincidentally I actually found a coffeeshop in Chiang Mai that has a a soundproofed recording room so hope to make use of that in the future.

      • geez goose

        That sounds perfect. I liked how effective you were at explaining the concepts and good use of the visuals! It’s a cut above other tutorials I have found. I will investigate the rest of your website. I’m glad I found this excellent resource. Thank you again!