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  • Vancouver digital nomad

    #17 @NigelFish – Running man & Vancouver Digital Nomad

    Nigel Fish is a Canadian running junkie and location independent developer junkie that is living a pimp downtown lifestyle...

  • stock performer

    How the Stock Performer tool helped me discover $100US in lost earnings at 123RF stock agency

    The Stock performer tool is a website service that allows you to connect to your footage across stock footage...

  • successful videographer online teacher

    Phil Ebiner – 6 figure Videographer Online Teacher (GHS 15)

    If you’re a videographer looking to expand your business into the world of on-line teaching then Phil Ebiner is...

  • Around the World Travel Video 2015 – Make money from your footage

    The 2015 to 2016 World Video Tour features video from the following destinations: Tokyo, Siem Riep, Myanmar, Thailand, Vancouver,...

  • how much to charge

    how much to charge for your stock footage

    In this post I’m going to be talking about pricing for stock footage. As a stock footage videographer, some...